Committee Responsibilities

Committee Responsibilities

Awards/Social Committee:

    1. Plan special activities and events for each regular quarterly meeting. 
    2. Celebrate new certifications, promotions, etc. by submitting press releases to local news media and employers announcing award recipients/certification winners.
    3. Work with Membership Committee on awards for years of service, Rookie of Year, and Founder points to be presented at annual meeting each year. 
    4. Use National HFMA's theme to coordinate two community service events each year - coordinate with Programming Committee.
    5. Award HFMA shirt and plaque to newly certified members.
    6. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings. 

Bylaws/History/Record Retention Committee:

    1. Coordinate with National HFMA to ensure Bylaws are up-to-date and consistent with the format established by the National HFMA.
    2. Furnish National HFMA with all documentation necessary to ensure incorporation of the Nebraska Chapter in the State of Illinois.
    3. Communicate any new bylaw revisions to chapter members.
    4. Coordinate with chapter leaders to implement the chapter's record retention policy for storing and destroying chapter documents.
    5. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Certification Committee:

    1. Disseminate information to Chapter members regarding the career benefits of HFMA Certification and the available reimbursement of exam fees when certification is achieved.
    2. Encourage Chapter members to write articles for publication in the Chapter newsletter, as well as other HFMA and non-HFMA publications.
    3. Serve as an informational resource for Chapter members seeking new career opportunities.
    4. Disseminate information regarding the Chapter's resolution to charge only a nominal  quarterly meeting registration fee of $25 for chapter members who are temporarily unemployed so that they will continue to have that important networking channel.
    5. Furnish committee activity report at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Collaboration Committee:

    1. Facilitate collaboration of HFMA with affiliated healthcare professional organizations (BRVN, AHAAM, AHIMA, HIMSS, MGMA and NHA) by encouraging chapter members to serve on appropriate committees of those organizations and by including liaisons as ad hoc members of the Chapter's Board of Directors.
    2. Work with the Program Committee regarding education or project opportunities for co-sponsorship with other professional organizations.
    3. Promote membership diversification by reaching out to healthcare professionals in areas such as group practice management, long term care, rural health, and ambulatory surgery.
    4. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Financial Review Committee:

    1. Perform or have performed an annual review of the Chapter's financial records and communicate the results in writing to the Board of Directors.
    2. Review and report in writing to the Board of Directors on the adequacy of the Chapter's internal controls.
    3. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Founders Committee:

    1. Quantify member involvement and participation by use of the Founder points system to identify members eligible for the Follmer, Reeves, Muncie, and Medal of Honor awards.
    2. Accurately record each member's earned points, submit to National by July 1st each year, and publish that information in the Chapter newsletter.
    3. Generate annual awards eligibility report at beginning of fiscal year and inform members who are within 10 points of a Founder award.
    4. Develop and maintain form to be used by Programming Committee to record volunteer hours.
    5. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Generations Committee:

    1. Maintain committee membership at between 4 and 6 members from generation Y.
    2. Host 3 -4 events annually to survey members on types of education they would like, how they would like education events communicated, and what format they would like for events.
    3. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

LINK Committee:

    1. Maintain committee membership between 7 and 9 members from variety of healthcare facilities.
    2. Respond to all National HFMA requests, summarize responses, and publish newsletter article for each response from committee when summarized results are received back from National.
    3. Utilize Linked In website to allow other members to respond to LINK requests (frequent responders could be utilized for committee succession).
    4. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Membership Committee

    1. Build and maintain the Chapter's membership by sending welcome e-mail to new members, contacting new members before events, sending thank you notes after events, introducing new members at events, highlighting new members in newsletters, producing new member name tags, and continuing the Buddy Program and Rookie of Year award.
    2. Set and fulfill the Chapter's annual membership goal by following up on annual non-renewal list and at-risk member list, utilizing National HFMA membership booth at annual meeting vendor fair, and handing out fun member awards at all quarterly meetings.
    3. Encourage participation in annual membership satisfaction survey to achieve CBSC goal.
    4. Encourage membership involvement in committees by sending quarterly reminders of what each committee does for HFMA and the benefits of involvement.
    5. Coordinate the development of the annual membership directory with distribution to occur no later than November 10th of each year.
    6. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Newsletter Committee:

    1. Provide important and useful information to the Chapter members, including five (5) publications of the Chapter newsletter, Nebraska Healthbeat, and in no event will distribute less than one publication per quarter. These newsletters should be published one month before quarterly meetings and be available in print at each meeting.
    2. Ensure excellent newsletter content by involving members in article submission, advertising Rookie of Year Award, spotlighting new members, publishing articles on committee responsibilities/activities, including recaps/photographs of meetings, publishing bulletins on upcoming events, and highlighting benefits of certification plus sample questions.
    3. Work with Website/Technology Committee to offer newsletters through various social networks and track hits on web site.
    4. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Nominating Committee:

    1. Nominate candidates from among the qualified members of the Chapter to serve as Officers and Directors.
    2. Distribute annual election ballot, summarize results, and communicate results first to candidates and then chapter members.
    3. Review CBSC Chapter Board composition requirements and update succession plan annually through consultation with Chapter Leaders and Board of Directors, if necessary.
    4. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Policies and Procedures Committee:

    1. Organize, update and maintain chapter policy and procedure manual.
    2. Review, revise and seek Board approval on all necessary chapter job descriptions and committee responsibilities.
    3. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Programming Committee

    1. Plan, develop, and coordinate the educational meetings and meeting announcements for the:
      1. Nebraska Hospital Association Spring Forum in May
      2. Nebraska Hospital Association Annual Convention in October
      3. Winter Meeting in January
      4. Spring Meeting in March
      5. BRVN Studer Event in June
      6. Cost Report and Revenue Code Boot Camps
      7. Region 8 Webinar
      8. Joint Meeting with SD/IA/NE
      9. TWIV event and Roadshows
      10. NHA and other co-sponsored Webinars
      11. Other events as possible and/or necessary
    2. Submit Program Planning Tool (PPT) to National by June 1st each year.
    3. Examine use of registration discounts and sponsorship opportunities for speaking engagements of nationally known speakers.
    4. Make necessary arrangements for meeting locations, facilities, speakers, audio-visual aids, and other items.
    5. Coordinate the registration at meetings, recording of attendance, receiving and proper accounting of funds to the Treasurer on a timely basis.
    6. Submit DCMS programming data on August 10th, November 10th, February 10th and May 10th of every year.
    7. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.


    1. Invoice all sponsors in QuickBooks by September 1st of each year on accrual basis.
      1. Initial invoice September 1; Due January 1
      2. Reminder November 1; Due January 1.
      3. Phone calls last two weeks in December 
    2. Solicit new sponsors from significant vendors of hospital members such as software companies, banks, hospital suppliers, equipment servicing companies, insurance companies, educational institutions, and advertising firms.
    3. Recognize corporate sponsors as a means of funding important chapter functions including certification exam reimbursement, NHA Annual Convention support, social events, and use of nationally known speakers. Contact sponsors before quarterly meetings and sign them up to introduce meeting speakers (report information to Programming Chair).
    4. Make sure sponsors are aware of their benefits and are using them each year. Contact sponsors before quarterly meetings to see if they are attending to utilize free registrations. Provide registration report information to Programming Chair.
    5. Schedule and coordinate vendor exhibits at quarterly meetings (Winter Conference and HFMA Annual Meeting) and coordinate with Programming Chair.
    6. Survey sponsors annually on sponsorship value, benefits and ideas. Analyze survey results and consider improvements to sponsor benefits and values.
    7. Schedule and coordinate with Social Committee a vendor social event.
    8. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Strategic Planning Committee:

    1. Prepare the Annual Chapter Strategic Plan to be considered for approval by the Chapter Board of Directors and submitted to HFMA National by June 1st of each year.
    2. Submit one newsletter article on updated plan to members each year.
    3. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.

Website Committee:

    1. Interface with the Chapter President and the Program, Membership, Newsletter, and other standing committees as appropriate regarding education sessions, newsletter articles, and special projects on topics pertaining to medical information science and message processing.
    2. Maintain the Chapter website including the educational participant secure area for handouts and CPE hours.
    3. Furnish committee activity reports at all regular Chapter Board meetings.