Checking Your Founders Points Online

Checking Your Founders Point Balance Online

Because of security purposes we are not allowed to list each person's Founders Point balance on the chapter website.  To check your Founders Award Balance on-line use the following steps:

  • Go to the HFMA web site:

  • Click on “Membership.”  Then click on “Membership Directory.”

  • Login with your username and password.  A screen will appear with the following text: “Your username and password have been verified and accepted.”  Click on the “Next” button to continue.

  • A screen will appear with the following text: “Your personal information is being accessed.  This may take a moment.  Please wait.”

  • When the new screen appears, your name and membership number will appear on the left side.  Click on your name, and a new screen will appear with your personal information.  Once on this screen, click on “Activities" towards the top of the screen.

  • The next screen will list the available activities for your account.

  • To view your converted Founders Points through May 31, 2004, click on “FOUNDERS” and look for the new points balance. 

  • To view your Founders Points earned since June 1, 2004, click on “FOUNDR_PTS.”
  • You need to add both the converted points to the points received since June 1, 2004 to calculate you total Founder's Point award balance.

If you have questions about your points, please contact Kim Hixson at