Maintaining Certification - CHFP and FHFMA



Effective June 1, 2004 for those due to maintain in 2005 and beyond


Attaining an HFMA certification designation indicates achievement of a high level of professional competence that is measured by meeting certain experiential and professional requirements. HFMA certified members are granted current status for a period of three years from the June 1 closest to the date of attaining Certification. All HFMA certified members are required to maintain their designation through participation in continuing education.

Requirements for Certification Maintenance
The HFMA Board of Directors requires that both CHFPs ands FHFMAs complete activities to demonstrate they are maintaining their technical and professional competence.

Certified members are required to be active members of HFMA and in good standing. Failure to renew membership by September of the maintenance year will result in removal of the CHFP and FHFMA designation. To regain the designation, the member is required to complete the certification process again including retaking the certification exams and submitting a conforming application.

The Board of Examiners (BoE) has specified the following maintenance requirements:

  • 90 contact hours, in eligible programs, over the three-year reporting period
    • Minimum of 20 contact hours per maintenance year (5/31 - 6/1)
    • Minimum of 50% of the total contact hours (45 hours) must be in healthcare finance; The remaining contact hours may be from attending eligible programs and professional activities that contribute to the development of business and/or technical skills.
  • A contact hour is defined as 50 minutes of continuous programming, excluding breaks, meals and social functions.
    • For a list of education activities eligible for certification maintenance, click here.
  • Certified members self-report eligible activities in the on-line system available here.
    • HFMA reserves the right to request that proof of attendance and participation in any reported educational activity be provided to validate reported hours. Certified members should retain for one year documentation of an activity that would validate attendance at it and eligibility for maintenance for one year past the end of their June 1 renewal date.
    • Members must keep their records current for all education activities they attend, including local chapter educational events.
    • HFMA National will record all education activities for which a CPE letter was issued to the member.
  • Candidates are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their records. Candidates with deficiencies will be required to eliminate that deficiency by December 1 of the year in which maintenance is required. Failure to do so will result on loss of the designation.

  • In lieu of participating in the Certification Maintenance program, certified members can retain currency by successfully re-taking the current Core examination and the specialty in which they are certified and submitting required personal references.

Reporting Education Activities and Viewing Report

Failure to Maintain Certification
A member's failure to complete the above requirements will result in removal of the certification designation by December 1 of the year the maintenance was required.

Once a designation has been removed, the member must complete the entire certification process again, including re-taking the certification examinations and submitting a conforming CHFP and/or FHFMA application with all appropriate fees, to HFMA National.

Exceptions for Maintenance
Retired Members -- Upon retirement from full-time employment and informing HFMA in writing of this, HFMA certified members are granted "emeritus" status. Members granted emeritus status retain their certification designation and are exempt from the certification maintenance requirements as long as they remain a retired HFMA member.

Waiver Request -- Members may request a temporary waiver from HFMA BOE if they are prohibited from fulfilling the Certification Maintenance requirements for the reasons set forth below. Such requests must be submitted in writing to HFMA's Career Services Department. When the cause of the exemption is resolved or the exemption time is over, the Certification Maintenance requirement begins June 1 of the following year.

  • Foreign Residency - The request should include the country of residence, the name of the employer, the principal duties and responsibilities performed, and the reason foreign residency prohibits fulfilling this requirement.

  • Health -- The request should include the nature of the illness, the name and address of the attending physician, and the reason the illness prohibits fulfilling this requirement.

  • Military Service - The request should include the principal duties performed, where stationed, the name and address of member's commanding officer, and the reason why military service prohibits fulfilling this requirement.

  • Other Similar Reasons - The request should include the nature of the hardship and the reason why it prohibits fulfilling the Certification Maintenance requirements.

The BoE Executive committee will review the written waiver request and determine whether the request will be allowed.